Modeling A Class I Railroad

What Road Do You Model?

The Chicago Great Western Railroad was a Class I Railroad with a rich history of productivity serving the Heart of America. Whatever road you model, whether real or imaginary, the plethora of ideas to craft is what makes working or should I say playing in the hobby so diverse and simply enjoyable for all ages.

Without a doubt, working on model trains with family or friends adds to the pleasure. And model train shows and conventions prove it! I setup Conductor Railway Hobbies (CRH) to do just that, share what I do with other model railroaders. The reciprocity has been unbelievable, I can tell you that. With the birth of the World Wide Web, no one has to work on models in isolation or wait for a convention. And model railroaders like to show and tell what they have done because the hobby is a very visual stimulating activity. A few of the things we do at CRH follows:

  • Show what we are doing in the model workshop
  • Share and distribute my work on Ebay and other commercial platforms
  • Attend Train Shows and Promote the O Scale Kings
  • Research topics of interest on the CGW
  • Restore and maintain older models in the collection
  • Create parts in Advanced CAD programs for replication or for scratch building
  • 3D Print replacement parts or improve upon old parts for detailing models
  • Host Zoom Meetings with other model railroaders
  • Create interesting YouTube Videos
  • Leaverage Media Platforms to our advantage i.e., product instructions on Ebay linked to a YouTube video.
  • Author books, articles and forums with useful information especially to help many people of all ages getting started in O Scale 2 Rail

I can hardly call anyone a customer because most end up being friends. Many volunteer time to work on small projects required to put on a train shows. During these trying times, model railroading can be a therapeutic relief from everyday stress. Join us and make your connections in the hobby, you will be glad you did.

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Chicago Great Western Railroad
From Chicago to Oelwein, Oelwein to Kansas City, Omaha, Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Maple Leaf Route serviced the heart of America in corn country linking rural towns with Midwestern Cities

and transfer points with other railroads with freight and first class passenger service.

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