The Narrow Gauge Of Vulcan Baru is a narrative reference book about Narrow Gauge Railroading for Model Railroaders with never before shared photography of the Panama Chiriqui Land Company rail operations in support of banana production and export. Encompassing 160 pages with detailed information on a world truly apart from the better known narrow gauge railroads in the Western United States, the casual reader will also enjoy the historical connections between peoples and a transportation network that delivered brand name food products to tables around the world. The popularity of modeling narrow gauge is about the nostalgic detail of a time gone by. In most cases, the narrow gauge roads brought forth raw materials and products from the source, making them unique when compared to the larger Class I standard gauge roads. An outstanding feature of this eBook are the internal hyperlinks for quick navigation and referencing across all pages of the manuscript. Available on DVD only all rights reserved and no part of this work may be reproduced without the written permission from the author/publisher.