Upon working up a Module Section for an O Scale portable layout and hand laying some straight mainline track, I needed an easy way to align ties across the 4' section of the table without doing to much eye balling for a straight line alignment. Using the O Scale Ties I purchased from Northeastern Scale Lumber Co. I made this template in PLA plastic to glue down 15 or 16 ties at a time. For sale, a tie template with a center line and one flat edge along one side of the tie template for positioning ties on the roadbed. With small stanchions on one side to elevate the template slightly off the roadbed, The template is laid over a set of ties with fresh glue to center and have exact spacing between ties. Once positioned, the template is removed and glued ties are allowed to set. The result is a near perfect straight piece roadbed ready for spiking down rail. Printed with Prusa Brown PLA filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.