One of my favorite locomotives is the SD40-2. The cooling fan ventilation covers found on the roof of these diesel units were faithfully replicated on the Central Locomotive Works (CLW) brass kit put out by Mr. B. Smith years ago as a brass casting. Each engine had 5 engine compartment fans top side, 3 toward the rear of the body and 2 mid-range. For sale are 5 fan vent covers modeled after the CLW with photos of the actual SD40-2 unpainted assembled kit which is NOT for sale. For comparison purposes only, the covers are side-by-side of the engine. Some minor thread clean up may be required with the tip of an Exacto Blade. Parts printed with PLA filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer built plate, all sales final no returns. PLA is not dishwasher safe and may deform in a hot automobile in the summer time as it has a relatively low glass-transition temperature. The engine is not for sale, only the 5 separate plastic vent covers. Made in the USA.