In the process of upgrading my CGW engines, windows have always been somewhat problematic with the original engine kits. All Nation shipped the kits with a transparent plastic and the outline of the frame printed on the plastic. Thus, as is they did not fit unless you tried to cut them and then there was always the problem of gluing them to the metal cast body. So I set out to try to improve on the situation. Since there never has been any after market window parts available for purchase that I could find, it seemed like a 3D print job using a clear filament would satisfy my need. While this required a good amount of design and development especially doing a free hand drawing for the front windows, I think the result is good enough to share with other modelers. For sale in this set, front window piece, rear window piece and side windows printed in PLA Clear plastic and equivalent Acetate. The Acetate windows are transparent whereas the PLA is translucent. The PLA can be installed as is, however if the modeler is extra careful the following pre-installation procedure can be followed to achieve a slightly different effect and look. On a flat glass plate, the PLA smooth flat built plate side can be place on the glass. Using a piece of parchment paper, take a flat clothes iron of medium heat setting and press the iron to the paper to heat the PLA and press with a little pressure. Remove the heat and place a flat paper weight or comparable weight on the parchment to let the plastic cool. Once cool, remove from the glass. If you remove while still hot the piece will curl. The printer lines begin to disappear however you will be left with a satin finish look to the window piece that may be preferable to the shine on the Acetate. But be warned, this procedure is tricky if you have no experience doing it especially if your heat is to high. Given this is such a new product, I would appreciate constructive feedback from modelers as suggestions to improve the kit for other modelers. Printed with Prusa PLA filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.