Among my other modeling projects, I am trying to add more detail to my NW2 Switch Engine sold by All Nation Hobby Shop years ago. The casting on the front radiator has only a slight impression of grill work on these models that represented what EMD original built for their customers. The front end casting can be removed for further work or detailing. However, removing might only be advised if you plan to repaint the engine. This kit is a replacement for the original All Nation casting on the front of the engine housing where the radiators were located. The kit includes 1 grill (rectilinear pattern), 1 front facing grill frame, 2 shutter choices, 1 headlight lens, and 1 piece of brass for the marker lamp mounts. 1 shutter is angled at 25 degrees opening and a 2nd at 80 degrees. Some thread clean up may be required on the parts before installations. If you do not have headlight glass for the headlight, you can use the 10 MM length lens included here. However, you will have to enlarge the hole slightly with a 1/4" drill bit. In order to mount the part back onto the body of the engine, you will need to tap the pilot holes with a 4-40 tap and try not to be to aggressive when turning the screws, they should be snug otherwise risk striping the threads. Please view my YouTube video for further instructions. Comments and suggestions from modelers are welcome. Printed with PETG Jet Black and Froggy Gold color filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.