Among my other modeling projects, I am trying to add more detail to my NW2 Switch Engine sold by All Nation Hobby Shop years ago. The casting on the front radiator has only a slight impression of grill work on these models that represented what EMD original built for their customers. The front end casting can be removed for further work or detailing. However, removing might only be advised if you plan to repaint the engine.

This kit comes in 4 pieces giving the modeler a couple of options. The front frame with the grill can simply be overlaid on the front of the casting. However, if one is really ambitious, the grill work and frame cast into the original part could be cut or routed out such that with the parts supplied, one could inset with the front frame, grill and the vertical air control shutters. And the final option would be to use the fan frame with the fans behind the shutters. I am including 1 shutter angled at 25 degrees opening and a 2nd at 80 degrees. In these very closeup photos I am illustrating a number of parts to show the combinations possible. The basic kit comes with the front frame, front grill (rectilinear pattern), 2 shutters to select from, a fan frame housing and 2 fans. I am also including 2 louvers for the vents on the top of the engine body as a bonus because I am still experimenting with these for printer settings, nozzle sizes, etc., the louvers are angled facing the cab on the assumption that radiator cores below the louvers vent air out and away as the engine moves forward. Thus, I make no guarantees on my assumptions or scale accuracy on these top vents yet. I may also include some front grills that are printer rejects in case the modeler wants a damaged or bent up look to a grill from years of service. These are proving a little tricky to print. Some thread clean up may be required on the parts before installations. Please view my YouTube Video All Nation NW2 Radiator Upgrade Kit for further information. Comments and suggestions from modelers are welcome.

Printed with PETG Froggy Gold color filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns.

Made In The USA.