In the process of upgrading my CGW engines, windows have always been somewhat problematic with the original engine kits. All Nation shipped the kits with a transparent plastic and the outline of the frame printed on the plastic. Thus, as is they did not fit unless you tried to cut them and then there was always the problem of gluing them to the metal cast body.

So I set out to try to improve on the situation. Since there never has been any after market window parts available for purchase that I could find, it seemed like a 3D print job using a clear filament would satisfy my need. While this required a good amount of design and development especially doing a free hand drawing for the front wind shield, I think the result is good enough to share with other modelers.

This kit for sale here is printed using a high end filament by ColorFabb type HT and is translucent, not transparent clear but less so. Thus, you will see fine lines from the print nozzle and the effect is a frosty look however when backlighted from inside the cab, it does not look to bad and yet this will give your model that finished look. In addition, we supply with this kit cut acetate paines that are transparent.

The round or portal windows in this kit comes in 3 versions for the modeler to choose from. There is the thick pane (2.4mm), a thin pane back inset within the frame, and then there is a 2 piece, a frame with a forward facing thin pane, whereby the thin pane is placed in the body backed up by the frame. It depends on the look you want to achieve. Included are the 2 headlights and number boards but not the lens over the number board. Gluing in the wind shield panes is the most delicate work as the casting about the front window openings are pretty rough however a fine tip glue applicator on the tabs to hold it in place initially and then later come back press them in with additional glue on the edges of what would be the frame. Most of the panes are 0.35 in thickness and the build plate side is very flat in contrast to the finished surface which is 3D Printed Ironed.

There are enough pieces to do 2 locomotives, F3 A&B or F7 A&B units. F7 A Units only have 4 portals not 6 like the F3 A Units.

Printed with ColorFabb HT filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns.

Made In The USA.