In the old days, we did not have DCC or even sound systems for our engines. Thus, the internal hardware to mount PC boards or speakers was not part of the kits. However, if one wants to add the new technology, it may be up to the modeler to figure out to install and mount the various products available on the market today that can deliver the exact performance and sound for an F3 or F7 engine. I set out to attempt and come up with basic platforms that can be easily attached to the existing motor frames without interfering with the power or drive train in the engine. This particular kit is for the All Nation Open Frame Motors only. I will have similar hardware for Pittman can motors in the near future. Please note, the motor in the photos is not for sale and is only used to demonstrate how I use the parts for my model engines. For sale is a 3 piece set to give the modeler some options depending on their particular use case. The 1st is a bridge platform that mounts over the the motor with clearance above the top of the magnet. However, since the motor sits high already, there may not be adequate clearance between this platform and the roof. It may however give an oportunity to attach and hang boards from the ends or manage wiring. The other 2 fixtures can mount on either end of the motor and are basically shelf type brackets with one lower than the other. Plenty of material has been printed for cutting back if to long or for drilling and tapping holes to mount boards securely. These may even lend itself to installing cab detail. 6-32 x 3/8" screws are used to replace the existing shorter screws to secure the platforms. Printed in Prusa ABS filament, the parts are sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.