All Nations F3 or F7 Fuel Tank Kit for Truck to Truck Drive Shaft Restoring my All Nation F3 & F7 Locomotives, in all cases these engine kits did not come with fuel tanks. What served was the outside tank sides cast into the engine body. The result was a wide open space underneath the engine. Depending on the type of power purchased with the engine kit from All Nation, one could have had a single truck power or dual truck powered and a tank would fit nicely with a tower drive. Some guys may have even re-motored the power in later years or configure a drive shaft from one truck to the other in which case a tank might have conflicted with the model's operation. Almost all my CGW engines are going to get a fuel tank very soon. This kit for sale is for 1 All Nation F3 or F7 powered unit to accommodate the drive shaft that powers the 2nd truck below the frame. Specially, this kit is engineered for the original All Nation kit with open frame motors mounted on the aluminum bracket rails. Included in the kit are 4 4-40 brass flat head countersunk screws and 4 corner spacer blocks to mount the tank to the aluminum motor rails. The modeler will have to drill and tap both the tank and the aluminum rail for the 4-40 machine threads. I have found working with these models over the years there are slight variances. However, regardless if using this on a powered A or B Unit, this tank kit should work with minimal modifications. The tank should rest on the open motor bracket rails but given the possibility for variance in the distance between the motor rail width that could be caused by the grommets, the tank should slip right into place for mounting after the whole motorized assembly is attached to the engine body. In general, there should be enough shaft clearance even on fairly sharp curves such that the drive shaft does not come in contact with the tank. If the drive shaft has universals with cotter pins that tend to stick out, depending on the location of the joints, some modification maybe required. In order to put this kit together, you will need a #43 tap drill bit and a 4-40 tap. Some very minor clean up of fine threads from the printer maybe required. The depth of the pilot holes on the tank are 5.5 mm deep. The most likely scenario to work this kit will be to mark where you will need to drill the holes in the aluminum rail, disassemble the model and drill the holes through the aluminum on a drill press while holding the part square. Tap the hole and reassemble the model. Depending on the diameter of the drive shaft in your particular engine, it may be necessary to cut the mid-section bridge piece out inside the tank which is only 0.5 mm in thickness to give a little more clearance. If it may be helpful before you make a purchase decision, please view my YouTube video titled: "All Nation F3F7 Fuel Tank Kit" If you have reconfigured your All Nation engine or upgraded to a can motor, this kit may not be for you. Printed with 100% Infill PETG filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.