As I try to upgrade and restore my older engines, I always try to improve on the parts. Just like I was missing the Bakelite platforms to mount the trucks, I was short the bracket rails for mounting the motor to the engine body. I have no idea where they got lost over the years. For sale, 2 motor mount rails or brackets with power truck platforms, 4 4-40 screws/nuts, 8 4-40 platform screws and 4 FLEX grommets. The brackets are made with a new Prusa Poly Carbonate Blend that is very tough, highly durable and unlike the original Aluminum parts, these have some flex and are not totally rigid. This PC Blend plastic prints at a very high temperature, consequently can take a lot of heat before reaching a melting point which in the case of an open frame motor, the heat will never approach that level. I also feel that if one wishes to install a different motor like a Pittman can motor, these rails would easily accommodate the improvisation that might be required to build it out. I will be selling these in combination with platforms for NW2 and F3/F7 engines with and without grommets and screws to give my modeler buddies some options. The ends that attach to the platforms or the Bakelite ones if you still have them are for 4-40 machine screws requiring a 4-40 nut. The platforms are printed with PETG, see other listings. I think you will like these particularly if you are wanting less running noise, important if you plan to install a sound system in the locomotive. Printed with Prusament PC Blend in Gray or Jet Black color filament, grommets printed with FLEX filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. Made In The USA.