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The Art of Utilizing Connections In Your Data

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Where Does The Story Go From Here?

January 21st, 2018 by jwubbel-admin

JMP CONNECTIONS was intended to elevate the utilization of enterprise data to an advanced capability model or vision. Thus, to bring your organization to the edge of the Data Science world of practical intelligence augmentation, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence methods, the real beginning of making the connections that really matter to your business beyond classical statistics begins. At this cusp in the maturation of the data from simple information to actionable knowledge, statistics plays an advanced role in such areas as machine learning. Once strictly a science, more and more computing and machine learning power approaches or methods used to solve problems have proven themselves. So, it now becomes an art form in figuring out how to apply what has been learned from the data science to solve our own unique business problems and questions using the data that has been carefully cultivated through the JMP CONNECTIONS story.

The JMP Pro product is a good platform to be looking at the advance predictive tools offered with tutorials, web based instructions or JMP Summit demonstrations, clinics or training. However, as this blog evolves, our consultancy will be offering web based professional development programs for corporate customers to teach a business intelligence competency organization how to make effective use of data science such as active machine learning to ferret out and harvest the optimal connections an organization should be seeking in order to derive the value hidden therein. We coined the term “Connections In Your Data” because once data is structured, for example in supply chains, it is plainly evident, those connections visually come to light in tools such as graph browsers.

Making connections in your data is not the end of the story. Using those connections is the story we want to show and tell for the purpose of developing the intellectual work product of the competency center teams in the enterprise.

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