Friday, October 30, 2020
The Art of Utilizing Connections In Your Data

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Value For The Money Spent

November 24th, 2017 by jwubbel-admin

The Art of Making Connections In Your Data comes from my deep interest in the Data Science field that includes such things as machine learning. At the most elementary level for most businesses data can be very much under utilized or easy to ignore all together. JMP CONNECTIONS does not go technically deep into the science aspects or what it means to perform data mining. Rather, the conversation strives to internalize for the reader that organizing business data allows for the realization of knowledge or optimized insights for better business decision making at a foundational level leading to higher capability maturity for improving business performance.

A Pennyworth investment in this book will give you many returns and can be obtained from the following locations:

John Wiley & SAS Business Series

SAS The Power To Know


Of course it goes without saying that a great statistics application like JMP could quickly become your prime business tool of choice.


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